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Some interesting points from that missing Keys analysis is that:

Women are more likely to lose their Keys, but men are somewhat more likely to lock those at the car. When keys are secured within the automobile, motorists often need to call an attorney to recover them.

One Other Great point is: RAC's survey, that quizzed 2,000 motorists, discovered that 43 percent of drivers -- about 16 million -- neglect where they have placed their keys over a regular foundation. Typically, forgetful drivers devote 2 minutes 10 seconds a day looking to their own keys. That means a lot more than half per day each year.

Approximately 1 in 20 motorists, or two million, state They will have lost their secrets permanently. One of these drivers, 3-9% depended on spare keys And 54% purchased a replacement. That Means approximately #180m, with all the average Key costing #176 to replace. We Realize That the Price of driver Invest is simply soaring in the UK it could be Prevented. TO find out how, only look for the analysis about the Axcess News site.

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