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With the recession now upon us, traders and business individuals are looking to find merchandise they can sell on Ebay. When you sell on this auction site, you will need some of the keenest buys to compete with other people struggling for a place in the market. There are some issues you ought to do to minimize risk when you import from China.

Remain away from electronic items. The adverts and notices that claim they are name brand goods you see for a lot much more on the higher street, are really fakes.

If you ought to be tempted to buy them you must realize you run the risk of becoming left with any faulty ones because you will have no one to return them to for a refund.

Designer clothing that you see advertised from China are also almost always fake. You ought to by no means try to sell them on as originals or you will be taking a large danger. A great rule of thumb to use is that if the prices are very low, then they probably are not true.

Rather look for a website or company promoting high quality unbranded merchandise for a good cost. As long as they are not attempting to sell you a brand, you can be much more assured that the merchandise that they have is a affordable.

Look for higher ranking sites. This is not a foolproof method, but usually websites with the highest rank are straight simply because they have invested in advertising themselves and not a brand. Watch the domain name that they are utilizing. If they are attempting to grab visits to their site with the use of a brand name, steer clear of them.

Take a look for an address and telephone number and give them a contact. You can usually tell from the response if they reputable.

Be careful about the types of payments that are accepted. Recommend an alternative payment technique if you don't like what they suggest. They should be in a position to accept most of the bigger name payment techniques. When you import from China use your common sense and do not be carried away with the idea of importing. If you are becoming provided branded merchandise at a quarter of the cost back house, you are being misled.

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