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Blindfold sex is 1 of the simplest ways to spice up your sex life. It is so simple that even the shyest person can attempt this out with out fearing silly or uncomfortable. In fact, playing with a blindfold throughout sex is 1 of the very best ways for shy couples to introduce kinkiness in the bedroom.

Initial off, get your blindfolds ready, you can use a scarf, a tie, a handkerchief or almost any piece of garment that'll cover your eyes.

Here are some suggestions on how to begin off incorporating the use of blindfolds during sex.

1. Set the mood. Play some nice music so the two of you can unwind. Slow dancing assists to to begin the intimacy.

2. Begin with a game to warm things up. Blindfold every other while feeding each other desert. Because both of you are blind, you will rely on your other senses to help you out with the task. Focus on your sense of touch and use your finger to really feel where her mouth is, exactly where the ice cream bowl is and such. Be playful and spontaneous. Do not be afraid to put ice cream on other components of her body.

3. With the blindfold still on, try to clean each other off. Use your fingers and tongues to discover where the two of daubed ice cream on every other. Really feel every other's faces and physique and clean every other off. This will inevitably lead to making out.

four. With the blindfold still one, lead every other towards the bedroom or if you want to continue what ever you are performing in that same place, do not hesitate to do so.

5. Undress each other slowly and don't be afraid to lose your inhibitions. Imagine getting phone sex... you can narrate what you are about to do and what you are already doing in a very graphic manner. Do not be shy as your companion cannot see you. Let all you other senses take more than the moment.

six. With the two of you blindfolded, you will get to appreciate discovering each other's body parts creating the experience more tension building and erotic.

Couples who have tried playing with blindfolds say that it actually assists in letting out the inner tiger in anybody. If your partner is not a moaner, expect her to be more vocal and confident with her moans and shouts since she is totally free to escape to a land where self-consciousness does not exist.

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