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Prague is a aged city, in which everyone can easily find their favorite place, in which he can be cozy, fun and home-style cozy. It is a city where you can find tightly connected history, legends and old tales with princes, processes, evil magicians and fantastic fairies. Prague is a town inside the alleys of which you here and there, are enclosed by middle age food flavors and, if desired, it is possible to instantly taste the meal you appreciated and to eat local delicacies. Tales in Prague are waiting for curious passers in each and every house, at each and every turn, as well as in the most unusual locations. They are continuously watching, hiding in the various age-old figurines, bridges, thin streets and grand properties. Prague interests and is also inviting to come back here many times, and, obviously, guaranteeing all and sundry that his desires and wishes, assumed here, will surely become achieved.

When you're in Prague first time, you must go on a tour of the town, so you'll have a very common understanding of it and will understand in which of the parts of Prague you want to take a walk and spend time probably the most. In case you are lucky, your guide may even indicate a fascinating and cheap places where one can have a delicious meals and acquire good gifts for reasonable price ranges.

Before you actually get to Prague, make yourself a list of sights you intend to explore. There exists a list of recommended attractions in Prague which can be loved by many visitors. The renowned Astronomical Clock, that's located in the center of Prague. Every single hour, under the chiming the clock gets alive, and in a small window show up on the line the 12 apostles. The clock has been constructed in 1410. Charles Bridge is probably the most ancient and well-known symbols of Prague and it was constructed in 1357. The Prague Castle is located on a hill and it is currently the presidential residence. Every six months, the residence opens its gates to tourists in November and May. Street of one man can be found in the center, near to the Zlata Ulichka. The size of this smallest avenues of Prague is less than a meter, and in order to pass on it can just one person. Therefore, for the comfort of people is mounted the real traffic light.

After you created a listing of sights to see, you need to select the transport with which to arrive in Czech Republic. If you are coming in Prague by airplane, initially you must think about transportation from Prague airport to hotel. It is recommended to book your own Prague airport transfer in prior, to be certain you will arrive in airport and after that will get rapidly and in comfort to the hotel.

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